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High rep RT

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2012 by grippernut
1. RT
R: 7 x 85 kg
L: 4 x 85 kg
– these were honest attempts to get high reps, did not happen today
Another go at it:
R: 5 x 85 kg
L: 1 x 85 kg
Drop down to 70 kg:
R: 18 x 70 kg
L: 15 x 70 kg
2. Plate Wrist Curls
R: 7 x 10 kg
L: 5 x 10 kg
+ eccentric wrist curl holds with 15 kg plate, 3 singles both hands
3. Plate pinch
8 x 1 x two 15 kg plates
Time to start doing more again. I’ve been a lazy asshole with few things lately. Blob work and direct dynamic thumb training to name a few.

Sunday’s Grip Training

Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2012 by grippernut

1. Axle Rows DU grip

10 x 70 kg
10 x 80 kg
10 x 85 kg

– still waiting for more plates, these weights are starting to get a bit too easy for this.

2. Axle Wrist Curls

10 x 40 kg
10 x 50 kg
5 x 55 kg

Notes: Perhaps too many consecutive days of grip training. Will have to (atleast try) rest until Wednesday.

Saturday’s Gripping

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Holy shit how good grip workout.

1. 1HP

– Started with 30 kg, went up in singles up to 40 kg both hands

2. Blobette

– Got air under 49,2 lbs, really happy about that
– Several pretty well controlled eccentrics with 50

3. Rolling Thunder max test

– 80 kg both hands was easy
– Went up to 93,4 kg, really really happy about getting decent air under that one!!!

Notes: Rolling Thunder was amazingly good considering I did a lot of hard lifts and eccentrics with blobette. Plus I did plenty of eccentrics for thumb last night. Will probably get really close to 100 kg with fresh hands. I am approaching my best overall grip numbers.

210 lbs Narrow Pro Attempt

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Kinney Explains His Gripper Scaring Tactics

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Revised my trai…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 5, 2012 by grippernut

Revised my training plans a bit. First of all, main goal is a clear MMS close of a 202 lbs #4. Goals leading up to that will be knocking down several BB Super Elites of different strengths. I am not setting a precise time frame as it has proven pointless as progress will come with sudden leaps after periods of seemingly not making progress. It certainly is a bit slow on this level of grippers. But it will come as I’ve previously had the end range strength for 200 lbs + grippers. Lack of wrist strength held me back. 

Really felt that it is time to switch thing around. I presently lack speed. My gripper training has been more about grinding it out with really heavy stuff and it shows as a lack of explosiveness. That last little bit of a gripper close requires that. So to fix it, I am going to do quite a lot of lighter stuff with #3’s. Taking grippers easier will also allow for heavier and better assistance work for all-around grip I think. Focus of that will be around wrist strength but will include RT and blobette work as well. Will train gripper power sets as well. All in all focus will be on the weaker aspects. Did not progress with gripper choker work lately as it is a very intense and requires almost everything else to be dropped from my training if I want to make weekly progress with it. I know that is the way to go for me if and when I feel my end range needs a boost. I am not worried about gripper end range strength beeing where it is now, as personally I have found out that to be the easiest to train if the focus is there. So, I will try to focus on the other aspects of the puzzle that is the biggest possible gripper close. Might seem weird that I’m doing many other things but not so much grippers as my main goal is the #4 close, but I have taken the intense gripper specialization route before and I know where that leads in my case: very close (to a deep set #4 close) but not quite there.

1. Grippers 20 mm block set

5 x 3 x 154 lbs #3

– using block to get familiar with it, as it is the most contested way to close grippers these days

2. Rolling Thunder

R: 1 x 15 x 67,5 kg

L: 1 x 12 x 67,5 kg

– these were truly maximal sets

3. Blobette lifts for time

5 minutes of nonstop work with 41 lbs any way I can, alternating hands

4. Wrist Developer

– I am training with orange spring at the moment unless I state otherwise

– doing all sets both ways

10 x L1

10 x L2

10 x L3

10 x L4

10 x L5

4 x L6

– L6 seemed to be where I hit the wall this time, but this is improving

– Next time will skip a few levels and try to get 10 with L6, will probably be able to do so without so many sets


Grippers were really slow as expected although I felt I could keep repping the #3 for quite a bit more. Elbows did not seem to get so beaten this time, so will continue with pretty high reps on WD. With RT, I can go up 2,5 kg next time. With blobette, best to stick to this weight.