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All kinds of PR’s

Posted in Grip training, Progress on October 26, 2012 by grippernut

1. RT singles

Went very well, happy with getting air 4 times with 100 + kg weights.

2. Barbell wrist curls

Maxed with 85 kg PR

3. Inch trainer

Non-stop lifts with 57 kg alternating hands after each single until it
stayed glued to the floor. Got up to 17 lifts with right hand and 15
with left.

Notes: seriously thinking about sticking to training grip only 2 times a week. Felt very well recovered and strong. Still work to do to get full 100 kg RT lift, but at least those weights are not glued to the floor anymore. Mentally it is huge.


Starting over

Posted in Equipment, Grip tips, Grip training, Progress on March 28, 2012 by grippernut

Just realized for about hundredth time, that it’s not about the equipment, it’s all about hard work and what can YOU do with the equipment readily available.

I have recently started training again towards my long time grip and general strength goals. I have also wasted time in planning to buy some new training equipment. Wake up asshole, I said to myself. Get to work with what you have and at least get back to where you were before. On the doorstep to closing Ironmind’s Captain of Crush #4.

I really don’t need any new equipment at the moment. Why? I have closed some hard grippers and managed to reach some other nice grip related goals with what I have.

What I do need is novelty, but not in terms of new equipment. I need novelty in my training planning. I need to work on my weaknesses. I mean really work hard on them. Grippers, my favorites. They will have to wait. I can afford that. I know what to do to close them, know how to make progress with them. It is really simple. But I really haven’t pushed my limits in developing pinch strength, or wrist strength. It is time to work hard on those, now that I have come to a point in my life that I feel like putting some hard work towards training sounds like a fun thing to do. It didn’t for a long time. I never gave up entirely though. Stay tuned.

Grip Strength Test After Squat Workout

Posted in Free weights, Grip strength, Progress on August 19, 2010 by grippernut

Squats really do fire up the grip. 111 kg with left hand and 114,4 kg with right hand.

Grip Strength Testing

Posted in Grip strength, Progress on August 19, 2010 by grippernut

I tested my grip strength with digital strength testing device. 106,2 kg with left hand and 111,4 kg with right hand. Will be interesting to follow my progress on this device. My goal is to squeeze 120 kg with both hands within 3 months.

Some Improvement

Posted in Free weights, Grip training, Progress on August 9, 2010 by grippernut

Gym and grippers. Upper body and core session. Getting stronger now with everything and got my nightmarish #3.5 down to 4 mm with almost no set, twice.

Is this blog dead?

Posted in Progress on February 4, 2010 by grippernut

I haven’t been updating any of my workout logs including this blog so far this year. I can say that I’ve been busy with other things and have tried to use my time better than blogging. Also my grip workouts so far this year have been random and not very intense.

Looking back to last year, I hate to say that once again, I fell short of my big goal to close Captains of Crush #4 gripper with a clear parallel set on a decent video. But hey, new year, another chance, better drive to get it done. It’s more of a mental battle than physical.


Posted in Grip workouts, Progress on August 8, 2009 by grippernut

Very weak gripper week behind. Had to let the #4’s wait. This trend has to turn around next week. Took out the frustrations on a 182 lbs BBE. Tried to break it every time.