Grip training with gloves on

1. RT with thin work gloves

R: 6 x 70 kg
L: 4 x 70 kg

– idea behind gloves is to tax the grip more and especially fingertips, plus allow lightening the load for my elbows for a while

2. Inch trainer

6 x 1 x 57 kg both hands

– felt insanely hard after RT

3. Axle rows DU grip with thin work gloves

3 x 8 x 70 kg


Somehow feeling weak at the moment with everything. It is not that I haven’t recovered well enough. I may have to kick it up a notch, Might train grip tomorrow as well. As something I did on the side of everything I did short distance farmers walk pinching two 15 kg plates with both hands at the same time. That felt surprisingly easy. Might be closer to pinching my real slippery 20 kg plates than I have thought. They are coated with some stupid substance that only gets more slick if you apply chalk.


2 Responses to “Grip training with gloves on”

  1. You know, I’ve been reading your training blog for quite awhile, and there’s one word that keeps popping into my head, and that word is…


    I recently took a few days off, not because I wanted to, but because of another reason that is long to explain and I don’t have the room for it here. Point is, when I came back, I couldn’t believe how much stronger I felt and I was stronger because my hands had the time to make a full recovery from all the training I’ve done on it as of late.

    Honestly, take a few days off. You might be surprised as to how your hands respond. Just a little friendly training advice from one fellow gripaholic to another. Take care – train hard…


    • grippernut Says:

      You may very well be right, someone else said that to me as well. I am taking a whole week off. Doing nothing but lightest hand health exercises and stretching, Thank you.

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