RT work again


Not been as lazy as lack of updates make this log appear. Forgot to post Wednesday’s grip workout (most of it was high volume dynamic thumb). But trained again today:

1. RT singles

Right hand: Got up to 100 kg good lift, felt very good so went straight up to 109 kg and got air with it for a PR in “getting air”-department.

Left hand: Went up to 94 kg good lift. Don’t remember if it is better than my recent lifts but I am not that thrilled about my left hand anyway, so will not bother to check if it is a PR or not. I am training my left equally hard but it always drags a little behind.

2. RT rep work

85 kg x 8 with right hand, x 6 with left hand

80 kg x 6 with right hand, x 5 with left hand

3. Plate wrist curls

Went for singles with 15 kg plate and got a few of them with both hands. Felt really hard but it is a PR.


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