High rep RT

1. RT
R: 7 x 85 kg
L: 4 x 85 kg
– these were honest attempts to get high reps, did not happen today
Another go at it:
R: 5 x 85 kg
L: 1 x 85 kg
Drop down to 70 kg:
R: 18 x 70 kg
L: 15 x 70 kg
2. Plate Wrist Curls
R: 7 x 10 kg
L: 5 x 10 kg
+ eccentric wrist curl holds with 15 kg plate, 3 singles both hands
3. Plate pinch
8 x 1 x two 15 kg plates
Time to start doing more again. I’ve been a lazy asshole with few things lately. Blob work and direct dynamic thumb training to name a few.

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